“Without doubt one of the nicest country restaurant/pubs in Darling.”Firstly the setting is very country, it has an authentic country cottage feel complete with flower garden and is located in one of the most beautiful country towns, called Darling along the West Coast. 

The food is way above average, skillfully prepared, honest, wholesome and tasty. I love Rene’s fillet steak on the menu, I have had this same dish on several separate occasions now and every time it has been nothing short of superb. I would strongly recommend you go and find out for yourself, because it would be a shame to miss out on a jewel like this. 

Anyway, back to the food… Apart from the main course the vegetables are a treat as well. None of this tasteless, plain steamed, half raw supermarket pre packed rubbish served up in little brown bowls with a residue of the water they were boiled in still sitting at the bottom. No, instead you will be presented with a piping hot serving dish of sautéed seasonal vegetables, sweet carrots poached in butter and zucchini with herbs, proper mashed or new potato etc.

There are many other great dishes on the menu, belly of pork, lamb shanks, enspin, chicken curry and so on. It is also worth going just for the deserts, I recommend the date and toffee sponge with custard or homemade New Forest jersey ice cream. Finally a selection of carefully sourced local cheeses perhaps with a glass of port if you are so inclined. I should have also mentioned the selection of all your Darling local wines! Very good.

Just a quick mention here about the service. It is "genuinely" friendly, quick and extremely professional.

One day when you go along I hope that you will reflect back upon this review and see that it is exactly as I have described. A light lunch or dinner evening spent at Bistro Seven or the divine little coffee shop will most certainly be enjoyed. Best to make reservation on weekends!

Nina Monda - Monda PR, Publicity and Events Cape Town 

Thomas Falkiner Okay, so it doesn't pack much of a view but the Bistro Seven Bar and Bistro is certainly filled with a comprehensive liquor cabinet. Situated on Darling’s bustling Main Street, we were steered here by the owners of Trinity Lodge for a few end-of-first-day toasts and proceeded to get more than a little merry by the time our waitress appeared to take our meal orders. Cooking with care and using lots of fresh ingredients, the Bistro chef’s inspired kitchen credo meant that she wasn’t the quickest of cats either but when her food did finally arrive at our table, it sure did hit the spot nicely. Even Shanaaz was momentarily silenced and, believe me, that’s no mean feat – especially when she starts regaling you with chilling stories from her crime reporting days spent on the Cape Flats.

Fortunately there was no thuggery to be had in the cosy confines of Bistro Seven, as all of its customers were either middle-aged retirees or benign couples looking to inject a little romance into what was otherwise a rather impotent Wednesday evening. In fact the most animated patrons of the night happened to be a table of Germans sitting opposite us; film types here to shoot a documentray on Fair Trade in the area. Whatever. So while an odd mix of vintage Sinatra conflicted with the husky crooning of latter day Rod Stewart (yes, tracks from that bloody awful American Songbook series) over the restaurant’s sound system, those not exercising their jaws in the dining room could be found in a secluded little bar located in a separate room en route to the kitchen; the door of which was placed unnervingly close to the establishment’s bathrooms.

Home to a tall pine-topped bar, Moeketsi mingled in their after dessert; attracting a lot of attention with his two massive cameras and somehow managing to scoop the lowdown on all the many cultural events that Darling plays host to on an annual basis. He promised to spill the beans on some of the more interesting ones but, seeing as he’s now lurking outside with a cigarette in his mouth and a mobile to his ear, those might have to wait in the blog banks for another post. Guess I’ll just have to grab another beverage from bartender Kit Haslam then. Cheers

Eat Out Magazine - The small garden which surrounds this charming little sunbathed cottage is just the place to be to keep an eye on the comings and goings along Main Street. Meat and all things meaty are the order of the day, as well it should be with such a great butchery, The Darling Meat Market, just down the road. Many a great casserole and steak dishes come from this kitchen. Portions are country-size generous. Relaxing at the imitate bar for before or after drinks is de rigueur. The wine list features the excellent local wines! (GL)

Vicki (guest passing) Not expecting a whole lot to be happening in Darling on a Thursday night, we arrived at the restaurant unannounced and inquired about a table for two. That this was met with a pause, an "I'll see what I can do", and a few moments to acquaint ourselves with the sweet little pub, we took to be a good sign. A table was found, and we soon found ourselves surrounded by an exuberant throng of people celebrating something or other in a large group, and a couple of other diners like ourselves in tidy couples. 

The menu was pleasant, with a selection of both local cuisine and more generic, and the quality and presentation were superb. The ambience was charming without being pretentious, though I was a little disturbed at the gender stereotyping played out in the framed pictures in the toilets: the men's had a selection of local political cartoons - mostly Zapiro - while the women's was altogether more frothy in content. (And what was I doing in the men's, you might ask...)